KEF LSX Introduction

(John Aiello) #21

I believe we have to wait for a new firmware release with Roon support in it. How do they sound compared to your LS50W?

(Jamie Biesemans) #22

Well, this is all just based on an hour or two of subjective listening. Tonally they are surprisingly close to the LS50W, until you feed the LSX with very dynamic content and turn up the volume quite high. At that point you lose quite a bit of bass extension, in the sense that the Uni-Q driver starts to dominate. The LS50W definitely has more power and sounds more balanced when pushed. However, just listening at normal levels the LSX really is quite good. A bit less spacious, as you would expect.

(John Aiello) #23

Thanks for the quick review.


I was planning to replace my Audioengine A5+ speakers on my desk with LS50’s over time. I wonder if these LSXes would be better instead? They would be on a desk, 40-50cm in front of a wall and in a fairly big, bright room…

Is this enough of an upgrade over the A5+'s? (a sub is under consideration).


in my opinion LSX compare to A5+ are almost equal and maybe A5+ would be more powerful.
that wouldn’t be an upgrade to my opinion, but from A5+ to LS50W that will be significant upgrade :slight_smile:

(John Aiello) #26

Can we assume from your evaluation that you have heard both speakers? Just want to understand if you are making your assessment based on listening or reading.


Based on the amplifier power output LSX 100W (70W-30W) and A5+ is 150W.
Well, it’s by the spec I have not listen to LSX but those looks too little for their size to compare the big A5+. Well it’s still based on specs and logic but not from ears.
But, I could literally saying LS50W would defeat all of them.


There is certainly no lack in volume on the A5+'s, I don’t play them even close to their maximum volume level in normal use.

I do want to upgrade in terms of SQ mainly, and a bit in functionality (a built in Roon Ready streamer would be an awesome replacement for my macbook pro + AQ Dragonfly Red I mostly use as a Roon endpoint).

(Christoph Longree) #29

Any news on the “Roon Ready” ??? I`m thinking about these as a “side system” in the living room…

(Tony) #30

As you only need to buy a cheap Chromecast audio dongle to get Roon to play to them, there isn’t any point waiting for Roon Ready implementation (which may take some time to be developed/working).

(John Aiello) #31

Or maybe an RPi. That’s how I plan to use them.

(Tony) #32

Or whatever yes. All the retail sites are repeating a press release of ‘Roon tested’; whatever that means. It is taken from the Kef spec sheet.

(Christoph Longree) #33

Just orderd mine :+1::blush:

So they will also be connected to my Sony Bravia TV via Toslink- which has Chromecast built in - … do I still need a Chromcast dongle (I actually even have one here… but it only has HDMI

(Tony) #34

You need to test which audio outputs the Bravia sends the Chromecast audio to. You may get lucky and it could be aux out, & optical. Mine also sends it down the ARC channel of the HDMI I think, but is limited to 48k. You only get 96k out of the optical out from a chromecast, so if this is important you probably still need a chromecast audio dongle to feed the Kefs.

(Christoph Longree) #35

… from what I hear it looks like the LSX will be “Roon Ready” soon(ish) anyways… all good… :slight_smile:

(Tony) #36

Great, that is the best situation. Strange they don’t advertise it as such on the Kef website or specsheet. All other compatibilities are ‘coming soon’ with dates against them in 2019.

(Christoph Longree) #37

… from:

" UPDATE 5th November, 2018: KEF has informed us that an over-the-air firmware v3.0) update is expected in the 3rd or 4th week of November 2018. This update will enable Spotify Connect, Roon, along with various improvements and bug fixes. Users will be notified of the firmware update via the KEF Control app, and will need to connect the ethernet cable between the two speakers and follow the instructions to complete the update."

(John Aiello) #38

Great news!! Thanks for the update. I am picking up my pair tomorrow.

(Christoph Longree) #39

Getting mine end of the week - really looking forward to this :blush:

(simon arnold) #40

So John how are they?