KEF LSX Introduction

(John Aiello) #41

Circumstances changed here very quickly and I decided to wait until Christmas to get my pair. My car needed a new set of tires and that’s where the funds had to go. Oh well.

(Terry Murray) #42

That’s too bad. I was looking at them for my office and was hoping you could give them a try and update here. It is moot though as I spent my audio budget on a new PS Audio Directstream DAC this week when they dropped the price temporarily. I think I’ll just stick a Homepod in my office and be happy. :slight_smile:

(Christoph Longree) #43

Mine are hopefully coming this week…

(Christoph Longree) #44

Apparently Roon Ready as of now… Darko just posted that KEF have announced the Update…

(John Aiello) #45

Firmware update on the KEF site now. Date is 11/19/2018.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #46

19th November 2018 in the UK

(Johan Coorg) #47

LSX fw update done - fabulous ! Using Roon Nucleus Core- whole house nirvana ;-))


Can the LS50W and LSX be grouped in the same zone?


(simon arnold) #49

How do they sound?

(Johan Coorg) #50

You can group LSX into same Chromecast Zone in Roon by first creating chromecast group in Google Home app - both LSX and LS50W need to have chrome cast audio pucks attached to them either into aux or optical input - the chrome cast group you created shows up in Roon. Works excellently .
For individual playing, both LSX and LS50W will show up in Roon network attached.

(Johan Coorg) #51

see further screen shot - LSX and LS50W group perfectly sync playing same chrome cast group …

(John Aiello) #52

That’s not what he was asking. If you add a secondary device to the KEF speakers of course you can group them. The question was can you group the LSX with eh LS50W or LSX with LSX natively now that the LSX are Roon ready. My guess is no because you couldn’t’t group the LS50W with anything natively because of the way Roon was implemented. It must be the same for the LSX.

(Ben) #53

This is correct, the LSX and LS50W use mostly the same streaming tech, and can’t be grouped natively at all.

(Also strictly speaking we reserve “Roon Ready” for things that use our RAAT protocol, which these do not.)

I can’t speak for anyone else, and don’t want to comment on the sound, but I personally really like that the LSX supports convenience switching/wake on LAN. Having to find the IR remote for the LS50W every morning when I wanted to play music wasn’t the best, but with the new ones I can just press play in Roon.


Thanks, John and Ben. You both are correct. I was asking if the LSX and LS50W could be grouped natively. Bummer that they can’t.

Johan, it sounds like you have a workaround that you are happy with. And if they stay synced, that’s great.

I am really loving the LS50W!

(Christoph Longree) #55

KEF LSX in da house - loving them so far… great little speaker… easily used with Roon and just pure fun. Amazing stuff on a budget… worth every penny !!!

(simon arnold) #56

Tell us more.

(Tony) #57

Trivial question, but what colours are Roonies going for? Something to match the location or whatever looks good? Pictures in situ would be nice, as these come in a nice range of colours.

(Dick Vliek) #58

Love the odd olive ones…

(simon arnold) #59

I’m interested in these but as I’ll have a Bluesound Node 2 feeding them concerned about the inputs. Analogue out will be redigitised and I am not sure if the optical will support 192/24? I won’t be using its Roon as I want MQA and sync with other RAAT ( yes I know the BSnhas issues but I can group it at least )

How good are they say compared to DynaAudio Neo2, 4 or the Exites

(Kirk Hamilton) #60

I got my LSX yesterday and got it set up, installing the new V3 firmware. I got the Wifi working and then attached the ethernet cable for my network - this is where my Roon core is installed.

I just now figured out how to get Roon up and running on the LSX. In the Roon app for ipad, when you go to ‘settings’ it brings up a menu of things you can change. If you tap ‘Audio’ you will find the LSX is there, waiting to be enabled. Enable it and give it a group name, then exit setup and connect to your LSX.

Still early days in terms of sound quality. It sounds great so far - tuneful bass, good imaging. But I will run it more or less continuously for a week or two to let everything burn in - then start some serious critical listening.