Kernel Panic after upgrading to 1.3

I upgraded my I7 mac and started playing a song. The song played for about ten seconds, the audio stopped and then the screen went black. The Mac rebooted and when it came back up there was a report that showed Kernel panic. I noticed that the analysis is going on, the wheel is spinning in the top right corner.

I am running this with HQ Player up sampling to DSD 256. More mac is an I7 model. Has anybody seen this? Should I wait until analysis is done to play music? Using an ifi DSD micro DAC.

Any help is appreciated.


I would wait to do any heavy processing (like DSD upsampling) until your audio analysis is completed. You can go into setting and adjust how many cores of your machine are being tasked with the analysis if you want it to finish faster.

I guess that was it, I waited and it plays normally now. Thanks!

Great News! Time to enjoy the music.

I think so many of the current issues being reported are due to the length of time and processing power the new audio analysis uses. They think it should be quick but it is not, start doing something and wonder why there is an issue.

It would be good if someone flat out stated, an analysis speed of 1000 tracks an hour is good, so people can do a rough back of the envelope calculation about how long it will take for their personal library. Personally, I have a higher end quad core i7 and all music on an SSD and I was getting about 2500 tracks an hour.

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