Khadas tone board roon setup

Hi everyone!
My khadas tone board is not recognize by roon so I need some help for the best audio setup.
It’s connected to my mac that I use as one of the endpoint of my audio setup.
The roon core is on a Nuc.

Kind-of an old thread, so I assume that you’ve worked things out by now, but I thought I’d reply anyway, in case anyone else searches for Khadas Tone Board settings. Here’s what I’ve found to work well. In my case, the DAC is connected to an amplifier with its own volume control.

I’ve not been able to achieve reliable operation above 32-bit, 384 kHz. DSD512 works, but my old Core is not fast enough to keep up. PCM 705.6/768 kHz just produces noise. So I’ve limited rates to 32-bits, 384 kHz and DSD256 in my setup. This DAC has no support for MQA, so leave MQA Core Decoding to Roon. Native DSD playback is possible on some operating systems (I’m using a Linux-based network audio transport).

In my experimentation, this DAC seems to have the most even response when fed a DSD64 signal, so if you decide to experiment with upsampling, start there (assuming your Core can keep up with this). I’ve found it to be an excellent sounding DAC, even not considering price.

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