Kii Three speaker

What did you think of each. Dutch aren’t roon ready yet i believe.

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There are owners who sold their streamer (cause they couldn’t hear a significant difference) and just connect a roon core to the KII remote to run Roon. I decided to go the „complicated“ (just kidding) way with a Allo DigiOne Sig over SPDif and some tunings with differeupower supplies from UpTone.


Thanks, I follow both speaker developments and continue to be interested in each.

Yes I was in your situation. I then decided to make a move in order to spend time with it and not waiting for it. It took also 3-4 months to be honest.

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The pair Kalman Rubinson (@mitr) reviewed for Stereophile had a firmware with RAAT, but I believe Dutch&Dutch have changed their minds and want to sync L/R via ethernet instead of inter-connecting speakers with AES/EBU. As the ethernet sync is not yet ready, there currently is no RAAT.


Update to Kii Control is released!
Was not released after all, link removed.

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Hi Please take down this link! This is not an official release and the link does not work. Thank you

Link removed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have an estimate on when the official version will be released?

But it was working earlier today and I downloaded it and updated my system. You had it open to the public on a available page through links on your website.
If it’s not an official release, you shouldn’t be making it accessible to the public.

Just wait: only few days until Christmas :christmas_tree::wink:

We were testing our new knowledgebase yesterday and put a BETA version up for a brief period. Sorry

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So what does the update add?

I believe the most important thing is eight new filters for the EQ. Bluetooth is also enabled, kid of strange in my opinion, but it could be convenient sometimes. Hopefully a changelog will be released soon. The update site is up and running again, and the update software is no longer crashing. I don’t know if it is official yet.

I personally find it very odd that not even a very basic changelog is published - they could certainly give us some kind of idea of what they’ve improved/changed without revealing any “secrets”.
And I’m assuming the new filters are in the “pro” section.
Sort of difficult to know if it’s worth checking out when no explanation is provided.

Well, the new support pages have a section called “Operation - Kii Control v.2 firmware”. There also is some information on the new filters and their potential settings. Of course you should know how to use them, but it’s not difficult to find out after some web-search if you are really interested. I did it because I really wanted to use them to tame some room effects (modes) and it helped really a lot to be able to better adapt the Kiis to the room and thus substantially raise the listening enjoyment without further adding additonal hardware (apart from the measurment mic you need)

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Well I don’t think there were some under the hood changes other than the standard gain setting, which is set higher since a couple of FW versions (if people missed that versions the Kii could appear louder in the same volume setting). And yes, there is a changelog available and I know it being a beta tester since almost 3 months. Kii took a lot of time to test and improve the FW. Maybe (or frankly I would propose to do it) they will release it as well on the knowledge base. Otherwise all functions are described there.

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Good to see parametric EQ seems to be rolling out to the Kii three (even if accompanied by very limited information and without much fanfare). That functionality helps gain some ground back on the 8c. It seems Kii do listen (to some degree), even if they don’t really embrace community engagement.

I’m still sitting on the fence watching the 8c and three to see where they both evolve to. All that would need to sway me to the Kii now are; a more affordable bxt type sub add-on, a rework of the control to a simpler wireless one, and filter setup etc via an app, and a transferable warranty. I soooo prefer the looks of the three, but still a bit far off fulfilling all my needs.

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I don’t think you are going to get your wish list. It’s way too big, and probably not what Kii has in mind. In any case, it’s taken them years to just get the firmware update out, so I wouldn’t hold my breath about all the other developments you are waiting for.

The 8c sounds like it is more what you are looking for.

If I was you, I’d maybe take a look at the B&W Formation Duo, that also has it’s compatible sub. Add a little DRC \DSP software on a server, and you’d probably have something that fits a lot of what you’ve described.

Kii audio is a fairly small company with limited resources. Customer support is basically handeled by one main person, so their active community engagements likely are limited, but they are aware of them, I’m sure. Also the technical/programming resources are limited on one or few people, so that the current focus seems to be on improving/stabelizing the current HW (speaker and KC).
I doubt any focus will be put on wireless/ app based activities in the near future. (The essential functions of the KC/Speaker can be changed with the simple apple remote. Finally the new FW also enables remotely switching between presets)

What the Kii speaker(s) might evelve to I am also curious to know. Maybe it will be a new model one day, maybe it will be a Kii Three MK II based on the Purifi Amp modules and also their transducers. That surely would offer a very interesting new perspective also for the sub-bass/ bass frequency region.
Bruno Putzeys being a co-founder of Purifi and active designer of their technology might imply to integrate it also into the Kii Audio products sooner or later. But this is pure speculation.
I am still very satisfied listening to the Kii’s and with the new EQ-stettings it even opened up a new listening window

Despite slightly preferring the sound of the Kii three, the 8c probably is more what I’m for looking for - certainly in terms of price, bass headroom, and app control. If only they’d put it in a Kii three cabinet! :wink:

Those B&Ws are definitely not what I’m looking for though…:blush:

I think I need to do new demos this year, and try and get them both at home this time - only way to make my mind up properly.