Kindle/android app "audio" setting category freezing [Resolved - Update to remote app]

I just updated, and when I go to the “audio” setting to check if my chromecast device is showing up, the UI freezes. It does this consistently, and not with any other settings items.

This is on a Kindle Fire HD 10. Have not had any other or previous problems with it.

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.5 (Build 333) Is Live with Chromecast Support!:

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @sm31!

Can you confirm that you have also updated the Core machine to the latest version of Roon? If not, try updating the Core machine to build 333 and let us know if you still experience this.


Turns out the remote wasn’t updated. Server was on 333, and tablet was on 323.
I had chosen the “update all” option from my phone, but it didn’t update the tablet. And I forgot to check.

With that done, problem gone (though I still think it’s a bug that the UI freezes).

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