Kindle Fire crashing

I’m early in my trial of Roon. The biggest issue standing in the way right now is that the Roon app on my Kindle Fire HD8 keeps repeatedly crashing. It initially worked fine for several hours, but then crashed and would not restart. The Roon screen would come up, it would try to log into the server, and then everything would disappear and I’d be back at the main Kindle screen with all of the app icons. Rebooting the Kindle didn’t help. I finally had to delete the Roon app and reinstall. That worked for a short while and then, boom, back to the crashing noted earlier.

The Roon server (on a Linux machine with Fedora Core 31) seems to be fine. I can still run things through my Samsung S8 phone, but I am not at all fond of using such a small screen for this task. I thought I might use my wife’s iPad, but discovered it is too old a version and it won’t run the Roon app. I can’t use my laptop because it is also a Linux machine and you don’t have a control app for it. (I’m rather disappointed that a high-tech company like Roon has such poor support for Linux, but that’s a different issue.)

My Roon trial is going to be a short-lived affair if I can’t reliably use the Kindle Fire as a control application. (I’m an almost 20 year user of Squeezeboxes and have been using the Kindle as a LMS controller for many years now.)

Any suggestions or do I just bail now. I’m not buying any more equipment to make this thing work.

Was able to get the Kindle running again. Went to the Roon program in the Settings/Apps menu and tried emptying the cache, but that didn’t work. However clearing out the user data did allow the program to start again, though I had to run setup for the controller again. This allowed the program to run about 2 hours until it crashed again.

I’m going to cancel out of the trial. This is simply too much hassle, especially for the price being charged. Pity, as I did see a few nice features that I’d enjoy having. But, I want my playing my music to be a headache-free experience and Roon has proved to be anything but.

Hi @Mitchel_Smith,

Apologies for the trouble here! I think you might be experiencing an issue that we are aware of and currently working on. We are hoping to release an update for this soon!

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