KKBOX Unexpected Logouts (ref#F2EH8I) [Investigating]

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KKBOX unexpected logout, I am a lifetime Roon user and also a KKBOX user [moderated - email address removed], I recently got couple times expected logout by KKBOX , please help.

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MacBook Pro 2018, 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

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Hi @Authur_Lin ,

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience here while your case reached the queue. Can you please use these instructions to send us Roon logs from your Roon Server and let us know once uploaded? Thanks!


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I have updated the zipped log file (Authur_Lin.zip). Please let me know if it’s OK? Thanks.

Hi @Authur_Lin,

Following up on your issue, does the same thing occur on all of your different core devices? I see another Macbook with ~70k tracks (with 31K of them unidentified, which could be causing you issues) as well as a Qnap and a Synology NAS.

Please take note of the date and time the next time you experience this issue. Thanks!

Yes, I have multiple core devices in home and office BUT only one can be active, didn’t it? Not quite understand what’s the relationship between multiple cores and unexpected logout? Thanks.

does the same thing occur on all of your different core devices? => YES

The same happens to me.

I counted already 3 logouts today.

Hey @miklats,

Thanks for the information, next time this happens can you take note of the specific date and time the logout happens?

Also, after reviewing your account information, I’m seeing two active cores online - your Nucleus (likely at home) and your Windows 10 - Work (assuming the machine you bring to work with you). This could also be the culprit behind your issue, you cannot have multiple cores running with only 1 Roon license.

@Authur_Lin thanks for the update. If you could please share a more specific timestamp as well, that would be helpful. :+1:

Hey @benjamin
I have two licenses for Roon. Therefor I have 2 active cores sometimes… The licenses are tied to two different E-Mail accounts
The win 10 core is usually only active once or twice a month. Logouts happen very often, Today I counted around 10 times.


Logout: September 9th, 7.40 am CET

2 more unexpected logouts. Last one I have seen at 13.10 pm CET. Don’t know when it happened though.


unexpected Logout: September 9th, 20.51 pm CET

Unexpected logout (not sure when happened) when I opened Roon. 10th Sep 08:40 AM (CST+8)

Hi @Authur_Lin and @miklats,

While I appreciate you letting me know the issue is reoccurring, I also need to know which core device you are using at the time of logout. When this happens again, please provide as much detail as possible, including which core, which remote, and where the issue takes place (at home, or at work, or any other core location.)

For the purpose of troubleshooting further, it would also be helpful if you both test out only using one core device for now.


The core in use has been always the Nucleus one.
Any logout report will always be for the Nucleus core.

Various logouts today and yesterday. I have no precise info when they occurred. Core=Nucleus. Remote= Iphone pro max 12. Issues took place at home and away using ARC.
I will not use KKBOX via Roon right now, because logouts happen too often (minimum 5 times a day) and simply make KKBOX via Roon unusable.

Logout at: 13:32 PM CET. Core: Nucleus. Remote: Ipad Pro 2021. Took place at home

Logout: 16:33 pm CET Core: Nucleus. Remote: Iphone12 Max Pro Took place at home

Hi @miklats,

No need to keep sharing logout times at this point - thank you for the updates so far! :pray:

A few follow-up questions for you:

From your account information, I see you have a TIDAL subscription in Canada, a Qobuz subscription in the US, and a KKBox subscription in Singapore. This points to the use of a VPN or some sort of proxy server - is this the case? If so, this falls out of the scope of Roon Support, and so I’ll need you to disable any VPNs moving forward.

Aside from that, we’re also seeing increasing return times on requests to KKBox’s API, which may point to throttling bandwidth from QoS within your router. There are also a lot of KKBOXError traces during Qobuz syncs.
What happens if you log out of Qobuz and TIDAL and try playing from KKBOX alone for a bit? Any logouts?

What happens if you use a different Roon remote?



All logouts occurred without any VPN.
Logouts happened with any remote I used.
I will use Roon over the weekend with only KKBOX active and let you know the outcome

Looks like you are on to something. Using KKBOX alone with Roon results in zero logouts.