Klipsch Fives --> Roon via HDMI?

Hey everyone, I just got my nucleus hooked up, and while I had confirmation that this should work… when I connect my Klipsch Fives via the HDMI arc input to the Roon, I am getting zero sound coming through. I tried two different HDMI cords as well… nothing. Anyone have any thoughts as to why this isnt working?

Did you go into Roon - Settings - Audio and enable the HDMI connection to your speakers?

yes, I did enable the HDMI A port that was connected to the Fives.

Then, I’m guessing maybe a setting on the speakers themselves to accept an HDMI signal.

I assume it’s the speakers, they are great, but almost too much tech packed into them… They accept an HDMI, ie, to act as a sound bar replacement for a TV. I confirmed that it would work with a nucleus as well, but no dice so far

All I know is HDMI out from the Nucleus works. I send HDMI out from my Nucleus to an Oppo 203, then HDMI to Bose. My Oppo 203 is a Roon Ready device. I don’t know if that’s the issue or not.

not sure, but will keep troubleshooting, thanks for replying so quickly

Could it be this (see bolded text) from the description of the ARC on the fives?

“A Basic TV HDMI input will not
transfer the TV audio signal
to the Speakers. The Fives
will only receive TV audio
through HDMI-ARC (with CEC
turned ON), Optical or Analog

Hello @Jeremy_Smallwood, are you having any issues with other devices connected via HDMI to those speakers?

I haven’t, it’s the only source that I use HDMI for with these speakers.

Hello @Jeremy_Smallwood, does Roon show the play bar moving when you’re playing to the HDMI output on Nucleus? Do you have another device you could connect to the HDMI to see if you get sound?