Klipschorn with Anthem ARC room correction - hmm

Anyone else like their Khorns, Lascalas, Belles, or other big Klipsches with room correction? I just ran ARC again and I can tell it took out some big midbass hump but overall, they just sound dead, not as dynamic. Of course, if I listen a while, my ears adjust but the highs just seem to sparkle less. Maybe more flat. But is that really what we’re looking for?

Maybe these speakers aren’t supposed to be “fixed”.

Important note: My room does suck… I tweaked the ARC settings to bring low freq to flat (i.e. don’t roll off) then I bumped up the high freq to not roll off as much. The corrected curve LOOKs flatter, but gosh its less exciting.

Anyone else have experience with this? Dirac Live? Probably the same effect.

I would recommend to try correction max just a bit over the last bass bumps, if possible up to 200 Hz only.
There are a lot of experiences that trying to flat or correct mid and higher frequencies lead to what you have described, my experiences included. Even if you only shelve it.