Knowledge base "valence" page has dead links to images

Description of Issue

On both Chrome and Firefox, the “What is Valence” page (view-source: has missing images. See screenshot below. (MacOS 12.2)

While I’ve got you, what is Valence? Is it an underlying technology or something I access from the UI? The text is unclear.

Broken in Windows Firefox as well.

It isn’t happy in Edge either.
The image link is permission denied. 403

403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /kwPTMN49N8w_A6yt5fUPEDR0SKjbg6xRVjfREamj0whycdO74HyuO7XmvM3qx_Y94RQJLP4Q7OWDxUiBZvICt7vJN-NYik6FCvp605_3SAg4_k_hm4VSvgdNnNoON3Mm0WehFhIX from this server.

Hey @Brian_Marick, @Rugby, & @MamaTried

Thank you for the heads up with this, We’ll get those broken images corrected as quickly as we can.

@Brian_Marick, You can find some additional information on Valence here!

To answer your question, Valence is both the underlying technology and something you access in Roon - though not specifically by name.

Valence facilitates your exploration of music by taking you deeper into the web of sound. It opens up the connections between artists, genres, and a wealth of other data so that you’re able to see the influences and associations that exist in your listening orbit more clearly.

Valence helps point you toward fresh discoveries by comparing what enjoy to new trajectories and movements in music. Take a look at the link above and keep watch for new developments in Roon in the same space. We have more features on the way.

Hey @Brian_Marick - @kevin restored the images. The article is easier to follow now, thanks again for the heads up. :+1:t2:


I suggest you add a link to Roon Valence to the page in question. still doesn’t say what valence is nearly as well as the link.

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Hey @Brian_Marick

Link added, thanks!

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