KNX Integration


I am a new user here and wondering if Roon server can be integrated with KNX which I uses it at home. If so, could you recommend how to get it done? Many thanks.

What is KNX…clearly not in the mainstream Audio systems that I know of. Moving to feature requests as its not a support issue

edit - Seems its some building automation system

I assume that you can use Home assistant to „translate“ between Roon and KNX.

Isn’t Roon and home automation brought together in the Nucleus product?

Not really - it’s support for the Crestron and Control4 home automation products. The problem is that it’s a jungle out there in the world of HA - many competing products and standards all fighting for a share of a growing market.

KNX is an open standard for commercial and domestic building automation.
I learned Roon supports Crestron and Control4 via exclusive drivers. does Roon have API to connect with KNX system?

Roon has an API which could in theory be used to integrate Roon into a KNX system. As far as I know, no-one has done this yet.

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