Korg ds-dac-100 not detected by Rock

I have a configuration with Rock, Nas, usb dac connected to Rock, Mac mini as Control.
All work fine with my dac Audio-gd but if i want use the Korg ds-dac-100 (for DSD use) , connected to Rock by US port, is not detected and doesn’t appear on device panel of Roon.
Th dac is powered on and ok when it’s connected to usb port.
What is the problem ? Thanks for help.

Likely Roon does not have a driver for it. Is the DAC supported in Linux?

I do not think so, the rock option might not be a good idea eventually

Likely not.

This DAC can only be used for full quality playback with the supplied Audiogate software. This means it is not suitable for use in Linux, it is Mac or Windows only. In addition it apparently has issues with some USB 3.0 equipped machines and can only really be used with USB 2.0 reliably.

Yes you are right, in fact it was a false problem. And I would have more information on this particular DAC before posting. Everything is resolved now, I switched to a Core server under Windows and everything works well with AO and Fidelizer and I have a great sound. Thank you for your answers