Label, catalog number and main release group issue: 1999 Neal Morse's eponymous album

I found in my library some issues with this release by Neal Morse and I need your help to solve them.
They refer to label, catalog number and – consequently – identification in Roon of the correct releases of the album.

Issue n. 1
On the Radiant Records release the correct catalog number is 3984-14278-2, and its correction should allow a univocal identification with the MusicBrainz relative entry.
Moreover, please note that in MusicBrainz the label Metal Blade is correctly named Metal Blade Records, as indicated in the label website and the logo as well. It would be great to correct it on AllMusic in order to have a unique correct label name in Roon database.
Here it is on Discogs:

Issue n. 2
This release is a German one, published by Ear Candy Records and not by Inside Out Music. The catalog number is wrong as well, because it shows the distribution number of the release and not the label catalog, which is ECRCD 001.
It would also be correct to delete the Inside Out reference in the brackets from the title.
Here it is on Discogs:

Issue n. 3
This release has nothing to do with this album. As you can see according to the cover and the release date (2005), and by catalog (actually distribution) number as well, this should be under main release ? by Neal Morse, at ? - Neal Morse | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic.
Here it is on Discogs:

Thank you for your help!

Please, any chance for this to be fixed? I think that the label name issue is particularly important in order to get some consistency in Roon library.

Hello @Marco_Bisi,

You’ll need to report these errors directly to Rovi/All Music using the Submit Corrections link on the page in All Music. Thanks!