Lag between tracks?

New Mac Mini set up. Using a Toshiba Canvio Flex 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB-C USB 3.0, Silver for PC, Mac, & Tablet - HDTX120XSCAA. Seems like there is a 3/5 second delay between tracks.

That may imply a network issue, or something else. I have moved your post to Support.

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So Basically I swapped out my Nucleus for a new M1 Mac Mini with a Toshiba external HDD. Everything else is the same(networking, DAC , etc). When I select random mix of all my tracks i get a 2/5 second delay between tracks.

Roon @support is not going to go looking for information from previous threads. It’s best to give them all the information they need in one support request thread.

So I swapped out the external HDD to a SDD. Seems all good. Not sure why ?

@Larry_Gelman, is your lag issue now resolved with a drive swap?

Maybe the disk or its connection was for some reason very slow and the lag between tracks was caused by loading times?

Maybe. It was a new Toshiba HDive. I was under the assumption that there was no difference between HDD/SDD drives in terms of speed?

SSDs are faster, but for Roon the speed difference does not matter. I’ll mark this as Solved.

There is a considerable difference between SSD and HDD in particular when reading, however the reading speed of a HDD is normally more than easily enough for audio files. Even a slow modern HDD should easily have beyond 100 MB/s sequential read speed.

However, I was wondering if somehow something went wrong with this particular HDD, the cable, or the connector, and it only reached very slow speed

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Maybe. Either way all is good. Ill just use the new Toshiba as a backup

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IIRC there exist a lot of issues regarding USB connected HDDs. Some that never go to sleep/standby, some that go to sleep/standby (often after 5 minutes or even shorter time spans) regardless of the current OS/user preset. Updtae: And yes there are also the ones that just work as expected without issue, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:
If the OP’s external USB HDD is one that exhibits the later behavior in combination with his USB host controller/driver (or similar, unsuitable for the desired use case, too short sleep time set in the OS), already entered sleep state and spun down the disk regularly in between tracks, this may totally explain the observed behavior IMO.


Very good point

Thanks. So the SDD doesn’t enter sleep mode?

SSDs don’t have spinning disks that need time to spin-up first before data can be accessed.

I never looked into the sleep/standby thematic regarding SSDs, so I don’t know if they even support that.
Maybe they do and the same issues as with HDDs may exists, but as there is no time consuming disk spin-up time and the difference regarding energy consumption between an inactive/idle and sleep/stanby SSD is possibly small, users may never notice any negative effects.

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