Language settings

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.3 (Build 274) Is Live!:

Well, my Roon remotes automatically switched to Dutch. I prefer English.

On my Android tablet I could find the language selector, not on my Android phone. Where to look?

Do this on the phone:

Launch Roon > Open Settings from the sidebar > Press ‘Disconnect’ on the ‘General’ tab > Check bottom left corner of the screen, language picker should be there.

Thanks @vova.

Not very intuitive, though…

Do you have a hint for me how to switch to German language on Core Build 274 on an iPad? Still all in English and I can‘t find the switch.

Solved: as I could read in other entries I need the build 274 on remote. The the issue was me - sorry for confusing

I agree, this should not be so overly hidden, especially because Roon sets the language at will: two Android phones here, both in Dutch, one shows Roon in Dutch, the other shows it in English.

I was already getting frustrated, it also depends on guessing the right search terms before you can find help on the forum.

But what’s worse: on the one machine (brand new Sony Xperia X Compact running Android 7.1.1), the setting just doesn’t show.