Large Log Files

I noted in this thread Giant log file created by Roon? that the log files should be approx. 100-200KB, while most of mine tend to be closer to 8MB per day. This is nothing in comparison to the GB files noted in that thread, but it still seems high in comparison to other software titles.

I went digging because my music, served from a Mac to a squeezebox, will play fine for hours, and then reach a point where it can’t sustain playback for more than a song or two without getting stuck. The button still displays pause, indicating it hasn’t been paused. Hitting the play button twice to actually pause and then play doesn’t work. Advancing the track will re-commence playback for a window of time before it will stop again.

Any ideas?

8mb log files sound normal to me–that’s the “limit” where we automatically roll the log file and start a new one. If your system is relatively busy, it’s totally normal.

The second thing sounds like a squeezebox-related playback bug. I think we may have encountered it during alpha testing, but we’re missing a reliable way to reproduce it. I don’t think it’s related to log file size.

I’m sure if we can get it reproduced in house that we’ll be able to fix it. @mike or @vova should be along to help.

Thanks @brian. Good to know everything is normal. Just to further populate the thread with details. I’m using the iOS app to control everything. Although restarting Roon running as Core on the Mac does nothing, force quitting the iOS app and then hitting play again in the app seems to be an effective way to get everything moving again. After doing that I seem to be able to play music again uninterrupted.

I’ll keep poking at it. It seems to only occur after a long stretch of listening.