Large Playlist Crashing Roon Remote

Okay, I’ve played with the interface some more and understand how it works better, so I’ve seen how to do some of the things I asked about earlier.
I do however have another problem with playlists: I defined a play list to include all my hi-res tracks in the Jazz and Rock Genres. It comes out to about 6000 tracks. The issue I’m having is that a playlist of that size is apparently choking Roon Remote on the control PC. Every time I try to use this playlist the Roon remote on the control PC crashes.

There should be a playlist option where you define the playlist parameters, but can also limit the number of tracks (or albums) that come up to a max number. In my example, Roon would randomly choose say, only 100 tracks from the 6000 defined in the playlist criteria. I looked through the Focus options, but didn’t see something like that.

Thanks for your help.

The tech guys can comment on whether there are any limits on playlist. However…

I would use Roon differently. If you want to play many tracks from a broad set of genres then you could use focus and then play (either with shuffle or using radio option) from that. No need to use playlist for this.

I tend to see play lists as designed for individually selected tracks which would never amount to 6000.

For your chosen focus e.g. Hires plus jazz plus rock, you can set a bookmark to make it easy to come back to.

Hope that helps

I would agree with @ncpl that there are easier ways in Roon to shuffle Jazz and Rock

Having said that, I tried to reproduce the issue you’re describing and I think you’re right – a 6000 track playlist does not appear to perform very well in Roon right now, and there may be bug here.

For now, I would echo @ncpl – let me know if this is clear:

We’re looking into the playlist performance issue. Thanks for the report.