Large screen Android tablet

At the moment I use my iPhone and iPad to control Roon when I’m listening to music on my hifi system. I have an iPad Air M1 with a 10,something" screen. It seems that Roon remote works better on android than apple devices, so I considered getting a “cheap” noname android tablet with a 13" or larger screen. Optimal I would get an iPad Pro 12.9", but as I don’t have a tree in the garden with 100$ note leafs, getting such an expensive tablet for Roon only is out of the question for me. There’s a lot of different choices on Amazon, but It’s hard to buy a tablet solely out of images and specs.

Is anyone using a cheap android tablet with a large screen as a Roon remote? Any recommendations? is my preferred location.


Maybe not as large as you want but a Fire 10HD is hard to beat for the price IMHO.


I just looked at it, and there’s a version with ads? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? It’s cheap, but buying a tablet with ads? That seems ridiculous imho.

The adds are on the lock screen, but generally I agree with you

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OK, but still. A device with hardcoded ads. And I thought I’ve seen it all LOL :smiley:

They sell Kindles in the same vein.
I always pay the extra but for some they are happy to save the pennies and do not notice the adds.

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You can remove the adds for a small fee!

That reminds me that I bought some 14.5" Samsung Tablet’s for work. The S8 Ultra I think. About half the price of the big iPad Pro.

The users in our warehouse love them, but it’s not a truly cheap option, just cheaper than other options available that perform well

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Smaller than buying an ad-free version? (If such a thing exists :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?)

It’s the same price. Ad free is basically a Fire tablet with the charge factored into the original price.


Mine was ad free bought on Amazon on one of their “Fire sale” days for just $99usd


I can’t say that. I used a Samsung A tablet 10" until recently and now an iPad Pro 12.9". There was nothing wrong with Roon on the Samsung (it wasn’t the fastest hardware but still OK) and there is nothing wrong now

I found getting a clean version of Android onto a raspberry pi to be pretty easy. Then I found a touchscreen monitor case for the pi/screen. Unlike a tablet, I can’t pick it up and put it in my lap, but I’ve got it mounted to a stand and it sits on table next to my listening chair. Most of the touchscreen pi monitors are less than $150 and can be much less expensive.

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