Last day of Trial - and Roon has dropped the ball on a few fronts

Christmas in Roon… have a good one…


I think that regardless of “hifi” quality or not, it’s never a bad thing to give users a choice in streaming platforms.

For instance, I maintain a fairly small ‘library’ of well-listened albums and of 190 albums I have in Apple Music, only 140 are available in Qobuz. That’s a huge discrepancy in availability and I don’t see why a snooty stance on ‘only hifi’ benefits anyone. I’d love to have my 140 albums available in Qobuz on Roon and the remaining 50 from Apple/Spotify.

Yes, but Spotify won’t play with Roon at this time… that seems to be their choice.

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That’s fine - but it doesn’t negate the idea that it would be nice.

I was simply commenting on the suggestion that Spotify ‘doesn’t have its use’ on Roon because it isn’t Hifi.

It is a real pity that Spotify and Apple Music do not support hifi, or maybe they only cater for kids?


Truly, I’ve never understood the motivation behind posts like this, i.e. “I am not buying Roon and here’s why”, etc. etc…

It always comes off as a vent for bitter disappointment, or some half-assed political attempt to get Roon principles to change their vision so that the poster will buy a subscription.

You don’'t like Roon. OK, why continue?

  1. Roon is designed for HiFi streaming, when Spotify or any other ‘significant partner’ start streaming music that isn’t compromised by compression it might be integrated.

  2. A fundamental part of Roon’s design is that it does not care where the music is stored.

  3. Roon plays Christmas music in July. As this is such a deal breaker for you, please can you tell me of another music player that knows you don’t want to hear a certain type of music in a certain time period. #Bizarre

  4. So what?

  5. If you think Roon is expensive I don’t think you’ve properly explored its features.

  6. Music playback will stutter if your network or kit is not configured or working properly, this is nothing to do with Roon.

Roon obviously isn’t for you. Good luck with your search.


Clearly, Roon is not for you. That’s fine. But why bash it for not having things that most of us don’t want or care about, such as Spotify and folders? Most Roon customers are interested in high quality streaming, which they get through Tidal and Qobuz. Spotify streaming just doesn’t make the grade for serious listening. And when you don’t want to listen “seriously”, both services, particularly Tidal, offer just about everything you would ever want. Roon customers don’t need folders because Roon does an excellent job of sorting their own music collections.
Personally, I find Roon to be of tremendous value, and well worth the price. I can appreciate the fact that it doesn’t work for you, but coming here with what appears to be a chip on your shoulder and ironically complaining that everyone but you has “attitude” is a little much. Just let it be and move on. You can’t criticize a product for not being something it never intended to be, which is exactly what you’re doing.


Hang on! Roon may be for the OP, he does not know it yet, given that he comes from a different perspective and therefore has different expectation and understanding what Roon does and does not do.

I think the OP must need more time of his steep learning curve, I think his language may have made some members here uncomfortable, but I can understand where he comes from.

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Christmas in July - so how do you propose I filter out the christmas music?

In other apps I simply ignore a folder. How do I filter out my latin music? from playing at a R&B house party? Most if which has few tags avaialble in roon.

How do I filter/focus on a specific user tag value? or partial value? This is pretty basic search.

The fundamental that roon doesn’t care where music is stored is flawed, I don’t care what roon wants, I care what I want to do. I want to put on 5 albums that are already in a good organizational scheme via folders. Takes 5 seconds, no filter, no focusing no bull.
BTW spotify streams at 320, while not lossless its pretty darn good.
MPD doesn’t stutter on the same files.

Evidently no one here so far can handle someone criticizing the products apparent shortcomings, so yes I say attitude - have you read the treads on tagging problems, folder indexing problems, the inability to browse your files? Its all user blame / roon is hifi / blah blah its excuses and inaction.

So shoo away your would be customers and evangelists with roons not for you, I’m sure it will take the product far.

It’s pretty sad when humans defend software like this, I’ve seen it many many times and it never ends well for the software or its community.

Well slim, maybe a course in adaptive software dev or continuous improvement or mindfullness of others is required. Feature requests like file browsing and support - say for google drive aren’t asking a lot.

And of course I’m disappointed, but im not bitter. I’ve spent time, I’ve read the forums and seen the bickering over issues, and Roon held promise, but tagging issues, simple browsing issues made it all fall apart - but it didn’t have to be that way.

Lol. You just lost all credibility. But thanks for the chuckle.


You can use the focus feature to filter out X-Mass music or anything you don’t want to hear. For example select tracks from the drop men on the right, then press Focus, select Genres. While in Genres select everything you would like to hear excluding all Holiday music or specifically Christmas music. Then Bookmark it and give it a name. I have dozens of bookmarks for specific listening moods. Some are HiRes only or specific Artists or genres.

Roon takes a lot long time to adapt to. I too thought folders was the only way, because that was the only way for a long time. Today I find using iTunes or Jriver kind of a pain to use or simply to Plain Jane to navigate through.

Take some time to read through the massive threads and see what others have done or have discovered to make your music experience more enjoyable.



Also suggest you read this: Can I exclude certain genres?

Where there’s a will…

I add my music folders by genre, so when holiday season is over, i’d simply deactivate my storage folder called “Christmas”.
Or rather, don’t have music in your lib, that you dont want to hear…

Other than that, thanks for letting us know your gripes with Roon, you are not alone, but there are many other views also.
Atb /Mike

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The ‘browse by folder’ request comes up fairly often, and Roon just don’t want to go there. To be honest, you can train yourself off thinking this way - but despite Roons stance, I have to think folders when I add music to my library, why can’t I have the option to think folders when I retrieve it?

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Me neither.


IMHO 2 weeks is far too short for a true evaluation of ANY software. Try some development software – I think MS Visual Studio is useless as I couldn’t learn its foibles in 2 weeks :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Roon offers many alternate routes to do the same thing , only digging deeper and asking questions really allows a full appreciation.

Roon is not perfect , there are many post by me stating so and where it has shortfalls but at the moment there is no other music software that comes close.

I freely admit to using JRiver to get around some of MY percived limitations eg Big Box Sets but I still persevere with Roon.

You can’t hope to influence change in any features if you don’t contribute to suggestions to improve .

Initially after the 2 weeks , I did the $120 Longer trial for 12 months , after that I think you can have an opinion, at 2 weeks you simply haven’t seen enough to comment

Just my 2p

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First I don’t think it’s a question of difficulty or complexity why Roonlabs doesn’t implement a folder view.

Second I don’t know if it would be more clever to implement it nevertheless because its lack could shy away potential customers who are used to folder browsing their music collection. But Roonlabs decided to stick to their philosophy – they have explained it quite a few times. So it’s indeed out-of-scope.

I get the point behind the philosophy to not rely on hierarchical structures when using (or just exploring) a library. Any modern library does it that way. The shelves you still find there are more decoration than storage and most of what a (big) library holds you may not even be able to browse by strolling along shelves because those are a few storeys down in concrete bunkers. You’d find what you want by browsing indexed and cross referenced catalogues. Then robots grab the stuff and deliver it to you so you can use it in a nice (historic) reading room …

While others mentioned work arounds I agree with you. It’s annoying and in most cases Roon could do better. I’ve requested a feature along this line a while ago but it doesn’t have priority for Roonlabs or so it seems.

As a music player, it is. As a library and multi-room solution it’s a matter of debate. To be honest, for me the most distinguishing feature compared to other solutions which are able to achieve what Roon does (more or less) is the metadata from rovi. If it’s worth the invest is really hard to tell - but it’s helpful to me most of the time.

As mentioned by others, it is possible to use focus to select which genres you would like to include in a particular view. It is also possible to select genres (among many attributes) which you would like to exclude from the view. Saving the selection set as a bookmark seems particularly powerful. Thanks for asking these questions. I had not previously paid much attention to the focus and tagging options. Now I can see a number of ways that they might be of use in my day to day listening.

PS: It might be cool to have a feature in the hamburger navigation to add bookmarks to this list.