My first look at roon software today

Since Qobuz became available here, half of the 1008 Qobuz albums I have added to my library have been high resolution (88k, 96k or higher).
About 3 % of the Qobuz albums are 192k, 1 % of the total 5,000 albums. But the majority of those are from analog tape recordings (Coltrane, Monk, Dylan…).
None of the 5,000 are below CD quality.


But aside from that observation, you want another product.
Why do you think anybody here is interested?


The file is then unfolded to the original resolution in an MQA DAC

That’s not even the whole story, there are many new MQA releases at 44/24 bit resolution and the sound quality achieved is remarkable. So the bigger number is better philosophy falls to dust in the same way RMS power output of amplifiers has. Big numbers were used to sell to the masses.

So, if you only listen to digitally measured hi res content you are missing out on a vast catalog of music that never was and will never be high resolution in your definition.

Personally, I listen to music and not data rates…

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There’s plenty of Open Source or Freebies out there out there, they all play MP3

Maybe an iTunes clone

Room is clearly not for you so move on , leave us to enjoy the music :rofl:

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I find it clinically interesting that people need to publicly express their discontent when it is simpler to think privately “I do not like this and would not purchase.”

In a group of people content with X-software, you are not going to garner support. Thus, the only reason to post would be to justify your decision and hope to find similarly disappointment people.

Again, it is a bit fascinating. I doubt that I personally could be dissuaded from liking Roon.


I’ve been in the same clinic -

The problem is this that , people hype low quality product as holy grail of software , infact i find it as very incomplete software, it could be better in future. I get annoyed when people over praise things when its not deserved to be praised.

Whether they fix or not is upto them. At present its unusable software…

I was about to buy lifetime actually because i thought its where all search end. Then volume control annoyed the hell out of me. Settings tab annoyed me. Artist do not match songs…i have many many complaints but let them fix UI that is usable.

Roon has long way to go to make it usable for my needs.

ADMIN: please delete this thread and close my acccount. i have no business replying here.

@moderators and/or @accounts ?

As my grandpa would say: “oy”

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We should not reply to obvious trolling and then maybe they will then go away when we take the fun out of it.

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This isn’t true. As others have pointed out, Qobuz streams FLAC in high resolution. In a lot of playback systems there is no difference in the local FLAC to the streamed FLAC. It’d be worth the time to identify how others are able to accomplish this as it may influence your purchasing decisions in the future. If Qobuz isn’t your thing there are lesser known companies doing the same and plenty of rumors that Amazon Music HD may push Spotify and Apple into the hi-res game as well. Having millions of songs at greater than redbook resolution is a beautiful thing.

Using an iPhone as a remote is a convenience but certainly not ideal for Roon. You’ll have a significantly different experience using a tablet or computer. If that’s not possible, and you want my unsolicited opinion, don’t waste any more time with Roon. Using a phone as a remote won’t get a great experience.

Physical buttons - My main listening pre-amp is not network ready and has a 128 step relay to control volume. I like using that. My other systems have similar, very analog, based attenuation that cannot be controlled by Roon. What I’m saying here is that I have zero interest in letting Roon control volume. If you look at the gear posted throughout the forums I think I’m in the majority here. It naturally makes sense you’d want the phone buttons to control volume but, honestly, as you evolve your Roon set-up (if you do) and your overall hi-fi I think you’ll find this “requirement” becomes obsolete.

Your comment about sample rate is interesting. Do you only listen to material released at that rate and dismiss all other music?

The Chord Qutest is a fine bit of kit.

I will agree with this statement based on your comments. You can re-evalute your requirements to see if Roon is providing a better “workflow” (many have, including me) or move on.

Software is never “complete” but its Roon’s core goals are much closer to “fully developed” than you give it credit for. It’s just that Roon’s goals and yours are very far apart right now. It’s going to be faster for you to change your goals then Roon providing releases to close that gap. I say this after being a user for just over a year and watching the pace of Roon releases in that year. A lot of what your asking for is not a priority for Roon Labs. I hope you can find peace with that and get back to enjoying the music.

I suppose he does, indirectly at least, via the ad views his site sells.

I think there was something gained by the original post. Not certain what it was, but it got many replies. I think it was meant to have us re-consider our purchase/endorsement and to empathize with the significant angst the software created for the poster.

As Kevin Deal would say “let’s give a safe space and some cocoa.”

Back to the topic (which I largely forget at this age): One year in, I really like Roon. I am too unsophisticated to find fault.

Roon is one of the best buys I have made.

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I went into a fiat dealers and bitched and griped that it wasn’t a Porsche, they told me to close the door behind me on the way out.


I use it, so you are wrong :joy:

Roon don’t want you to buy a lifetime, they need a regular cash flow, as such annual works fine. It also means Roon have to keep earning your loyalty.

That is a really good question… Get lossy files in a DRM-type wrapper. I thought that was 1990??

I’m still loving MQA which is not lossy in the analog domain and has no DRM. You can copy and play it as much as you like if you bought it.
The best audio experience I ever had. :partying_face:

Thats just fine. Believe and enjoy. In case your interested in the facts (about lossy), there is a 43 page scientific paper on the format. It is lossy. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No analog sound is lost and the clarity is incredible.