scrobbling with various artists does not work

Description of Issue

Playing a song from a album which contains mainly songs from single artist but also various artist scrobbles only as main artist. → “Performed by” does not go to site.
Tested with local files and multiple albums. Purely various artist releases works fine.
Foobar2000/Jriver/Winamp works fine but not Roon.

Hi @bexi,

Thank you for posting on Community, and we’re sorry to hear you’ve been having this issue these last few weeks.

From your screenshot, it appears this is affecting local files. Is that exclusively the case? Are you able to send an example of an offending track from the affected album to our QA team? Here’s an uploader you can use:

Another option is to share a screenshot of the “Credits” view for an example track above, and to provide a rough timestamp for when this last occurred. We’ll investigate logs to see whether scrobbling is behaving erroneously and what we can do to resolve this problem.

Thank you!

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I do not have Qobuz/Tidal account at the moment so local files.
Uploaded some screenshots and example tracks.

This problem has been at least since version 1.6.

Now tested with Qobuz.
The problem appears to be the same.