Last Name, First Name

I have this issue, Example, when I rip to my NAS, I list Joan Armatrading, as Armatrading, Joan
Roon finds about half the albums with Armatrading VS Joan. So this artist albums are not listed on one screen, frustrating , any fix?. Thanks and I as to Roon…Music is one of three things that make life worth living, that said, Roon changes everything…Thank-you

Change it to Joan Amatrading.

That doesn’t fix the base problem of how ROON reads the NAS. Other artists are listed i.e. The Beatles, as Beatles, The, roon finds all of them collectively.

What are the albums that are not being identified?

Never mind, no one is listening. Ill figure it out myself or tolerate.

@wyattlee probably because it has been discussed at length.
Roon today uses the rip results (the directory structure and the metadata) to identify the albums, but then it shows them under the metadata structure it gets from the cloud services, primarily Rovi. So if Rovi has inconsistent data, that’s what you see.

Roon is working on metadata editing capabilities that should help solve the problem. Not here yet.

Hi @wyattlee – thanks for the question.

Every album you add to your library in Roon is matched against our database, and if we find a match we get lots of rich data to help you browse and search your library. When we get a match, one of the pieces of metadata we retrieve along with the other data are separate fields for first name and last name. This lets us enable Last, First sorting (which you can turn on on Settings).

I think @rugby’s point is that your albums are more likely to get match in our database if the artist tags are First, Last and I agree – that’s generally closer to how they appear in our library. However, that’s not the only way to get a match – you could also click into each album, click the little pencil, and choose Identify Album.

Once the album is matched up, you can choose how you want things displayed, but the first step to getting all your Joan Armatrading albums together is to get them all identified.