Last Played date - not showing in my Playlist view

Roon Core Machine

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Does the Last played date take days for updating ? Thanks

Hey @Don555,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and it’s great to see you again!

The last played date should not take very long before displaying. To better dig into your potential issue, can you please fill out your setup information with more detail?

As a first step, I would restart Roon, and if you’re still hitting a snag, give your core and network a reboot. Let me know if your issue persists after this :+1:

Roon Core Machine - Intel NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details - NUC hardwired to router

Connected Audio Devices - LUMIN T2

Number of Tracks in Library - 24,668

Description of Issue - last played track date for certain Playlists does not appear in Roon app consistently - restarted Roon core with no effect. overall library track view has date appearing

Does the Last played date take days for up

Hey @Don555,

Thanks for the update! Is this only happening when viewing playlists? Can you confirm this inconsistency happens elsewhere in Roon?

An important note on the Last Played metric: this refers to the last time the specific track was played in Roon in general, and not the last time the track was played in a specific playlist. Any play in Roon will affect the Last Played date shown.

If the album or track wasn’t in your library when it was added to the playlist you won’t see anything in either the Date Added or Last Played columns.

Thanks , my issue is that many of my multiple Tidal Playlist tracks are not in my library. You state that the last played data will then not appear. Not great but I assume that feature is onerous to implement.

I wish I could add all playlist tracks to my library easily but based on research that is not possible (except one by one).

I do love Roon.

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Hey @Don555,

Thank you for bringing this up to my attention. The ability to add multiple tracks to your library from a playlist is a feature that has unfortunately and unintentionally regressed over the last few updates. The good news is that our team is aware of it, and has it on the docket to implement a fix. I’m not able to comment on when an update will occur to re-grant the ability to do this, but the minute I get an update, you will be notified!

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