'Last played' doesn't appear to be working

When I run a playlist, I would expect each track to show the date in the ‘Last played’ column once the track is finished. It’s not happening. As a matter of fact, very few dates show up, if any, and I’m wondering what determines when a date will appear. It’s as inconsistent as can be. Anyone else encounter this issue?

Hi @Seymour_Stern,

Currently, Last Played only shows for tracks that are in your library. If these playlists are coming from TIDAL or Qobuz, this will not currently be tracked.

I’ve passed a ticket to our team to investigate this distinction, but for the moment, you’ll only see this with tracks in your library.


Thanks for your reply, Dylan.

As seen in the attached screenshot, TIDAL tracks are indeed showing ‘Last Played’. Other TIDAL tracks that have been played don’t show up as ‘Last played’. I’ll keep trying to see if there’s a pattern here.

Hi @Seymour_Stern,

When it comes to playlists made in Roon and isn’t synced from TIDAL, there is a distinction between TIDAL tracks in your library and TIDAL tracks outside of your library.

You can add a TIDAL track to a playlist without actually adding that track to your library.

If the TIDAL track in a playlist is in your library, the Last Played field will be visible. Alternatively, if a track is added that isn’t in your library, this field does not display.

Another way to tell that this is the case is by looking at the Heart icon. Do you see how some are grayed out while others are the normal blue color? Tracks that are not in your library also cannot be favorited, which is why you see this.

One other thing to note — Adding these tracks to your library after the fact won’t change things because the version of the track in the playlist exists outside of your library.

As I mentioned previously I have passed a ticket along to the team to investigate this further, but right now the you won’t see this field filled out for tracks not in your library. We appreciate your feedback here, Seymour.

Thanks very much, Dylan, for your response.

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