Last software update ruined my Nucleus Plus

I installed an update to my Nucleus Plus on the 16th of January now my network cannot see the Nucleus Plus at all.

If you connect your nucleus to a display, what do you see?

You should see some status text which may give you (or us) an insight into the issue.

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When I hook a monitor to the nucleus Plus I see nothing on the screen.

When I attach a keyboard to the nucleus Plus I have followed the instructions to fix the network issue and it has not worked.

I need instructions to send it back to be fixed.

Take a photo of what is on the screen and post it here.
It is as likely a change of IP address as a failure, but it will help someone help you.

Though I see your case is 13 days old and no one from Roon has responded.
Not good support for a premium product


When I hook up monitor to it it just has a blank screen nothing to take a picture of.

How do I return my nucleus Plus for service?

How do I return my nucleus Plus for service? I performed a software update on January 16th. My network has not seen it since then. It is not connected to my network any longer. When I hook up monitor to it nothing is on the monitor it is blank.

Did you purchase from Roon Labs or a dealer? If from a dealer, you need to contact them. If from Roon, you need to post in the Nucleus Support category which I think you already have. The Nucleus carries a 2 year warranty.

EDIT: I moved this to the Nucleus Support category where they will see it.

Steve do you get nothing on the screen or any lights on the device at all?

Someone from @support needs to pick this up.

Come on Room this is not funny.

But that is. Which Room are you in?

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Ha ha the Room where Support do not respond to premium customers and one in which I cannot type and beat the autocorrect game

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Two questions:

  • Is the unit still within the 2 year warranty period?
  • Did you buy it from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

Your answers will determine the next steps from the Support team. Thanks.

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Hello @Steve_Luckau ,

Can you please confirm if you still need assistance with this issue?

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