Last update of Roon

I’m a just a bit dissapointed with your last update, the last played funktion in my overview.
That’s not a big step forward.
You have to come up with a better update, a new feature, in your next version of Roon.
What with a brand new UI?
I don’t care with a better tagging solution, though i would very much be able to add my personal album reviews and artist biography.
With so many clever members of your staff, hopefully, there must be some new ideas - feautures you have in the pipeline for us, your humble Roon music lovers.
Greetings from Denmark


Once my overview screen was fixed, I began to notice the improvements in the latest version. I really like it, especially the display of larger artwork when the recent additions are expanded to “show all” from the overview screen. Nice job.

For users having an overview display without recent additions showing, the problem was fixed by a reboot of the core followed by resetting the database from the core web interface.


Roon is still at version 1.7 - only the build number has changed. And if you look at the release notes, the new build is predominantly about tweaks and bug fixes.

There is the one new feature that Roon Labs introduced in this build, and that I view as a bonus to a much-needed bug fix build.


I like the new function which is very simple to use and nice, and larger album pictures is good.

I just wonder why the scroll is vertical (very convenient to me) whereas Artist and Album is horizontal (not very natural on iPad or windows to me).

Will there be an attempt to have only one consistent way to scroll?

No good asking me - I don’t work for Roon Labs.

On the other hand, there have been rumours of a major revamp in the UI for a few years now. I notice that the design language of the UI is evolving somewhat as new features are introduced, so who knows, in a few years from now the UI may have changed completely from what it is today.

This is indeed a very good question. Not one that anyone would ask if the user interface would be at least reasonably consistant, sigh…

Lets hope there will be an „attempt“. Maybe even a successful one.

I like the Roon interface. I like the horizontal scrolling on my laptop.

I don’t understand the need to bash Roon with every post. Why not submit suggestions as feature request and let it go? If I had so many issues with Roon, I think I would use something else.


So, if you were working to a new UI, how would you do it? Would keep creating new content (New Relases for You, Recently Added) in the same format as the old content and then revise it again when you rebuilt the rest of the site? Or, would you roll out new releases in the image of where you want to go?
Roon has been working on their screen rendering, how colors are applied, etc. There are lots of incremental improvements that are being applied. I suppose one can speculate that it’s a bunch of unconnected random actions and complain about the lack of progress. Or you can stand back and think there is a thoughtful evolution underway.
Like @Geoff_Coupe, I don’t work for Roon. But I’m inclined to believe there are purposeful design choices being made.


We may be seeing the UI equivalent of Ring species in action :smile:


Perhaps! It is speculative and controversial anyway…

People use iPads when they sit at their HiFi. They usually dont carry 8kg iMac Pros on their lap.

Scrolling sideways on iPad is a bad joke. Needs fixing. Anything else is just distracting from the issue at hand. IMVHO

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I use Dell XPS 15 and iPad Mini 4. Both work great with Roon. However, most of the time (about 12 hours per day), I sit with my Dell XPS 15 on my lap, along with my Schnauzer.

PS: This thread is about more than scrolling.

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No it is not and what is not broken don’t need fixing.
For me sideways is the natural way on am iPad. Like flipping through a book.
Other people, other opinions.
If Roon will change this, I will be the first to say vertically on an iPad ‘is a bad joke’ :smiley:


True, @Peter_Leinslie is also asking about new UI. Maybe it doesn t need to be all new, but it certainly needs tidying up.

The UI is a matter of personal opinion to a large degree. What one person likes, someone else does not, and vice-versa. That’s why I suggest using the Feature Request thread. Roon will, and does, evaluate the request and implement some and not others. Constant bashing does not help.

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Not really. A UI should first of all tidy and consistant. Roon‘s UI isnt either.

Feature requests are already in place. No point repeating them a douzend times. Mayve care to read them? and not blaming constructive users of bashing.


I don’t need to read them. I am more than happy with Roon as is. Posting feature request in the Feature Request thread is one thing. Bashing Roon in every post outside the Feature Request thread is something else and really tiresome to see.

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I like horizontal scrolling. Much more than vertical. So I wonder: is it constructive to complain about what other people like?


Well, then make it horizontal consistantly for gods sake. Its neither of it at the moment. Bits are horizontal, other bits vertical. Total mess.

And as we all know… bits are bits… :wink: