Last update of Roon

No, you’re right. If you’re really pushed on internet download limits, you could always disable tidal (not logout) for the duration, and re-enable afterwards.

I wasn’t aware there was a disable option for Tidal, I took a look and I see the option, good workaround!

When I’m reading this forum - vertical scrolling. When I’m reading facebook or instagram - or just about any other app and and/or web page out there - guess what - vertical scrolling. Lightroom and other editing or DAM type programs - vertical scrolling. It’s not that difficult to see which way the wind blows. The reason - it’s much easier ergonomics. Notice with a trackpad or screen, to scroll vertically one just moves the ends of their fingers. With horizontal scrolling one must use the entire hand and wrist and for many it can become fatiguing, esp with any carpal like symptoms.

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I am hopeful Roon has finally grasped this (what a long journey…). Why they install this piece-meal ? Dunno. Lack of resources, maybe… Lack of leadership more likely.

You just love throwing out these little gems, don’t you?


Scrolling in Roon is working precisely as designed. If you prefer a change, please enter a request in the Feature Request forum. Thanks.


you are obviously not quite up to date with latest developments. Recent additions are all vertical scrolling.

Vertical will be the future, altough this should have been done in one go, not piece-meal. No „feature requests“ necessary. They are all in place since a long time. Dont mislead users,

No, I think its good to keep the pressure on, lol. More vertical scrolling please :wink:


Horizontal, vertical… I’m more of a diagonal kind of guy myself. I think it’s safe to assume that Roon will just let me rot in my crooked thinking, like basically everyone else.:unamused:


Like every creative endeavor, software design is a fine line, a balancing act between satisfying customer demands and following your own creative vision. Roon is no different. As business people I’m sure they want to satisfy their customers. As creative individuals who started this business with a vision of how the software should look and feel, I’m sure they want to satisfy themselves. As I said, it’s a balancing act. It’s hard to make everyone happy including yourself.