Latest Devialet Phantom firmware (2.14.4) breaks Roon Signal Path reporting

Roon Core Machine

SonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Unify (core wired, Phantoms WiFi)

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Phantom I Gold stereo pair connected via RAAT over WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The DOS 2 operating system in Devialet Phantoms downsamples everything to 48kS/s prior to DAC, this has been a known fact since the release of DOS2 and is documented on Devialet’s website. Up until the latest Devialet firmware release (2.14.4) the downsampling of material >24/48 to 24/48 was correctly reported in the Roon Signal Path. However since the upgrade to 2.14.4 Roon is showing the signal path as lossless which I believe to be incorrect. I have tested both 24/96 and 24/192 files (via both Roon and Audirvana) and can see that frequencies above 24kHz have been removed showing that they have been downsampled and are not being reproduced losslessly.

I reported my test method and findings at Devialet chat here.

Please can you work with Devialet to resolve this?

Hi @brian. Not expecting instant turnaround on this but it would be nice if someone from support could comment so at least I know someone has read it.

Looks to me like Devialet is making liars out of you by no longer reporting that low pass filtering and/or downsampling is taking place so Signal Path now gives incorrect information. As far as I recall this was working fine until their latest firmware release on Jan 25th.

Received a response from Devialet today confirming that this is indeed a regression bug introduced in 2.14.4 and that it will be fixed in an upcoming firmware release.

Slightly disappointed that nobody from Roon support has even commented this in the three weeks since I opened it but it does indeed seem that the problem was on the Devialet end.

@michael As discussed.

Thanks @struts I’ve shared this with @john who heads up our Roon Ready operation.

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Hi @struts,

Thanks for the report, and our apologies for not following up in a timely matter.

We’ve been able to reproduce this behavior and are going to reach out to Devialet about it.

Many thanks @john but as I reported 2 posts up Devialet has acknowledged this as a regression bug introduced in the latest 2.14.4 firmware release and said they will fix it in a future release, fair enough.

However, notwithstanding this bug the RAAT implementation for Phantoms is not stable (basic replay cutting out intermittently and sometimes aborting completely whether playing from Qobuz or local library stored on NAS). Other transports to the same speakers (e.g. UPnP from Audirvana, Spotify Connect) work fine over the same network (which I believe to be completely robust) but there definitely seems to be something broken in the Phantom RAAT implementation. What would you suggest? Should I open a ticket here, over with Devialet or both?

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