"latest release" missing

When going to a artist, I miss a section about the ‘latest releases’ from that artist.
Example: Go to the artist ‘OneRepublic’ in Roon, there is nothing about their latest releases, while when selecting the same artist in the Qobuz app, the latest release is listed (which is the single track ‘Run’ in this case).

Very often I’m interested in the latest releases from an artist, without having a clue what that release could be. Leaving roon for figuring that out, can’t be the mission of the Roon software.

If you look at a discography and filter by date, with the newest release first, that will show you an artists latest release.

Not in every case, the synching of new releases between Qobuz and Roon is flawed. Not all releases show up in Roon immediately, some take a fair time. There’s also items on Qobuz that don’t appear in Roon at all. Both of these issues are discussed on other forum threads.

It’s been commented before that due to Roon’s sync with streaming services , there will a delay showing new releases. This can be 2 days

It’s not a bug simply a design feature

There are releases that are months even years old that don’t appear. There’s more than one issue here and the delay of new releases by a day or three is the least serious.

Edit OR they are in Roon but can’t be found due to metadata issues. If they’re beyond search/discovery it amounts to the same thing. I have an example album that can’t be found with a unique search term on Roon, and no exact matches are returned. Once you add it to your library the same search finds it.