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I habe the latest Windows 10 and ipadOs Roon 1.8 versions, updated as per cuurent status of 21.12.2021. When I am scrolling my Albums list from the top, after 2-3 scroling events the screen freezes and the ipadOs roon app crashes

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Hey @Adrian_Ciornei, we released an update that might help with this – is this still happening in Build 884?

I have the latest updates and the problem is still happening, however, I was able to isolate it in the sense that the connection gets interrupted/the ios Client crashes ONLY WHEN THE SORTING CRITERIA for the ALBUMS View is “by import date”. All other sorting criteria behave well.
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Hello @Adrian_Ciornei ,

Can you please open your iOS Settings → Roon App and turn on Save logs to Files on next startup? Then, can you please reproduce the issue, note the time + date of the crash, and upload the file here for review?

Let us know if you have any issues generating the log, thanks!

Hello Noris,
many thanks for your support, I uploaded the file. Scrolling went went well at the beginning but eventually stopped, message is “CONNECTION INTERRUPTED” (in the sense of teh german translation) , whichmeans the Roon App needs some time to recover and reconnect, but then of course it behaves the same for the same scrolling action.
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Hi @Adrian_Ciornei ,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I’ve forwarded them over to the QA team for closer review!

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