Latest Roon 2.0 update did not install on my Nucleus

Roon prompted me to update the latest version of Roon 2.0 update on my Nucleus, but now my Nucleus has downgraded to 1.8 and it doesn’t update the newest version anymore.
What to do ??

Have you seen this?


It seems this issue is still happening? Do you guys know what’s causing this yet? I saw there was a update to the sever. Tagging you to make you aware.

I still have the problem with my room nucleus after the latest update the software downgraded back to 1.8
And my Roon nucleus is not acceptable via Roon


is your unit on and running? if not, could you do that?

Yes it is up and running

Hi @Jacob_Roebers ,

It doesn’t look like the Nucleus is communicating with our diagnostics servers, do you see it show up on your network with a valid IP? Can you try to reboot the unit and make sure that the network cable is properly connected?

Hi @Jacob_Roebers ,

Do you still need assistance with this issue? I checked our diagnostics to see if your Nucleus has been updated but I see that it hasn’t been online recently. If you need further help, just let me know, thanks!

Sorry for late reply. I have been abroad for some time.
But yes, I have still problems with my Roon Nucleus.
The device is on and working, but haas not the 2.0 software installed. I will send some screen shots to support the issue and the hopefully you will be able to help me…

So I can access the server without any issues. I can reboot, reset… no problems.
But the new ARC 2.0 software I cannot see.
The other devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) can not see the core…

This was after ARC asked for an update after the installation of 2.0.
The first week it ran perfectly, even remotely, but after the 1st update the core was gone …

At least not visible anymore.
Can you please look into this ?

Hi @Jacob_Roebers ,

We are not seeing your Nucleus communicate with our servers at all. Did you previously log in with you email to the Nucleus? If not, can you please install Roon Legacy (on your smart phone or similar is fine) and then log in with your Gmail Roon account to the Nucleus Core?

iOS App Store
Android Play Store
Android Manual Install (Link to APK)

Please let us know afterward and once the Nucleus is online we can try to issue it an update request, thank you.

I downloaded Roon 1.8 legacy and was able to enter the library. So I am in …
Can you now try to upgrade to 2.0 ?

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Hi @Jacob_Roebers ,

Thanks for letting me know! I just issued your Nucleus an update request and it should be on the latest 2.0 version now. Please, do let us know if you encounter any further issues or if everything looks good on your end now, thanks!

It’s working again.
Thx for your support.
Any idea what causes this issue?
I had upgraded to 2.0 and it worked fine for a week, even remotely.
Than the next update it downgraded and I couldn’t use the system anymore …

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Glad to hear you’re up and running again @Jacob_Roebers ! The issue likely originally happened due to a temporary issue with our update servers, but the original fault has since been corrected. Please, do let us know if you run into any other issues. Happy listening!

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