Latest Roon Backup not found

On Feb. 5 (last Tuesday) I created a non-scheduled backup of Roon Core on my Win 7 64-bit desktop PC with Roon running 1.6 build 390 (64 bit). The backup was captured on a separate HDD connected internally in my PC. This was an incremental backup since I have previously done non-scheduled backups on the same HDD using older versions of Roon.

After a reformat and complete reinstall of Win 7 64 on my desktop PC, I downloaded Roon and did a fresh install. I now have Roon 1.6 build 390 64bit again on the PC and want to restore my backup from 4 days ago. However, I can’t see the Feb 5 backup, all that I see are three previous backups from Roon version 1.5 (builds 339, 354 and 360).

I can see the Feb 5 folders and files in the backup location (along with the files from the older backups), just that Roon doesn’t see them. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this so Roon will see and restore from my latest backup?

If you looked straight away after build it can be odd with finding backups, go back now and look. If it isn’t there the support will need to help.

Thanks ged_hickman1…I had another look, still isn’t there.

I’m wondering, since backups don’t include the actual music files, do I need to reload my music into the new Roon install first and then run the restore to see the latest capture? I had the impression that the restore process would capture my music library from it’s existing location with all of the file analysis and settings intact as saved in the backup, saving me from having to reload the whole library and having all of the files re-scanned.

I’m not the definitive source but…
Install roon
Add in music files
Restore backup


Ok makes sense, I’ll load my music files first and then try the restore to see if I get the option for the latest restore.

Well I’ve loaded my music files and tried the restore, Roon still can’t find the Feb. 5 backup, only the three older backups appear.

@support, appreciate if you could assist here, and perhaps inform what steps to take for a successful restore.

Hi @Pugsley,

Can you please share some screenshots of the backup folder structure and the last backups listed in Roon’s backup manager? Specifically, please share pictures of the Feb 5 folder structure.

This is certainly a strange issue as I’d expect if Roon is able to see one backup then it can see all of them, I am thinking something might have gone wrong with the Feb 5 backup and it didn’t get properly written to the disk? It’s too early to say conclusively but we can certainly take a look.

As for the proper restore procedure, once you initiate a restore, all settings and watched folders will be overwritten with the settings/watched folder from when the backup was created. If you’d like to move your files from one storage location to another, you’ll want to restore first and then follow this guide.


Thanks for the reply @noris. I’ve provided the screenshots below. When doing a restore from a new/fresh install of Roon, do the music files need to be added in before the restore or does clicking on an available restore initiate the process of repopulating the files with their respective info captured during the backup? This is assuming the files are still in the same location, which in my case they are.

Here are the backups listed in Roon’s Backup Manager:

Here’s the Feb 5 folder structure:


Most of the files in the backup are dated Sep 13 2018 since that was the first backup, but the incremental files are there from subsequent backups, including Feb. 5.

Hi @Pugsley,

If you initiate a restore, then all of the information contained in the backup gets overwritten to the current database, including the storage location for the media files, meaning you shouldn’t have to specify the location of the media files again after performing a restore.

Thank you for those screenshots, I am not sure why the Feb 5 backup is unable to be found so I’d like to ask QA to take a look at this case, can you please archive and upload the backups folder to a shared Google Drive or Dropbox link and then private message that link to me?

Also, I would double check that you are indeed pointing to the correct backup location, you might want to manually select the backups folder again under Roon Settings -> Backups -> Find Backups -> Browse… and I would select the top-level folder, not any of the subfolders.

Please let me know if this helps or if it doesn’t send the Backup folder so I can ask QA to take a look.


Hi @noris, I’ve already gone ahead and restored the Nov 19 backup which worked fine. Then I manually updated the music files I’ve added since then, so my Roon Core install is fully updated now. I also deleted all previous Roon backups and did a new backup and confirmed it can be seen by Roon.

My lesson learned here is to check that Roon can see each backup that I complete, I’ll be doing that going forward. Thanks again for your help, and the assistance from @ged_hickman1. Please consider this thread as closed.

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