Latest roon update => lost my PC connected endpoints

Roon Core Machine

NUC running ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti gear, but it’s not relevant here since the problem is with attached endpoint

Connected Audio Devices

The endpoint im having issues with is my IFI ZEN AIR DAC connected through USB to a windows computer running roon remote, but the issue is concerning all endpoints (sound outputs) direclty connected to this pc (it’s own HDMI output, it’s own Screen sound ouput and the IFI ZEN AIR DAC) they all disappeared form the list of endpoints.
Please note all my other network based endpoints are working fine, and also the sound output from the Core itself are shown up.
Screenshot below for more context (showing that all endpoints are visible, except the usual “Connected to this PC” )

As a test turn OFF the firewall on the Windows PC. If the devices show up then you know you have to set exemptions for Roon, Roonserver, and Raatserver in the firewall. Sometimes Windows during an update will reset previous exceptions for some reason.

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Thanks @Rugby
That did the trick

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