Latest Software Update - pieces are no longer listed under conductor but under orchestra [Investigating]

Sooo the latest ‘update’ made my entire classical music collection an absolute mess! The pieces are no longer listed under conductor but under orchestra. I had painstakingly gone through my 4000+ collection and now I’m supposed to do it again?! NO one I have ever talked to sorts their classical music under orchestra, it’s sorted under Composer / Primary Artist / Orchestra or Ensemble. This has always been flawed but I’ve learned to live with it but now the entire collection is a complete mess.
What’s with the massive ignorance?
Plus guys like Christopher Hogwood are sometimes sorted under first name…
This has to be fixed or I’m out.

Perhaps some screenshots of what you are seeing would help the rest of us to understand what you are seeing. I haven’t noticed any radical restructuring of information display… Thanks.

Thank You for the swift reply here’s a few examples:

All over the place as you can see from Christopher Hogwood f.i. I set my preferences to ‘File’ and that fixed a lot of my edits. These are examples of stuff that still remains.

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The Hogwood sorting issue may be similar to this recent thread:

Hi, @Anders_Annerstedt, thank you for your report and screenshots your provided. Could you, please, specify, which albums from your screenshots are affected by the bug you mentioned – The pieces are no longer listed under conductor but under orchestra?

The Christopher Hogwood problem is a separate issue most likely but we are going to take a look.



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Hi Ivan,

The problems are numerous and time too scarce but I will try this weekend.

Until then, Christopher Hogwood also appears under ‘C’ twice even after edit, Muddy Waters appears under M, Artur Rubinstein under ‘A’, etc, etc…

I know the metadata is all over the place for classical but if you look at the album covers for 90% of classical orchestral music the conductor is featured more prominently than the orchestra.

The old Penguin Record Guide for Classical Music is the standard that should be adhered to, it’s the sorting filter that was used by record stores globally and this is how most physical classical album collections are sorted.
In an age of data sorting and computerized sorting this has all fallen apart and remains a mess, go figure!


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