Latest software upgrade crashed on my computer

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Good Morning.

Further yesterday,as I was totally unable to uninstall Roon from my core,as per your instructions.

And as Roon was fully locked-up and totally dysfunctional,as it would not re-open…I took the liberty to do a full clean install of Windows 10.

Which allowed me to download and reinstall a new copy of Roon which is now ready to be set up.

Is there any way on your end to allow me to go ahead to complete this process ,which would not have me open a new Roon account?

I will await your next instructions,have a great day!

Kindest Regards,

Mr.Frode Measor

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Re:[## 314238 ##] Other - Latest software upgrade crashed on my computer

Thank-you for the quick response back to me today.

I have tried to uninstall Roon from my core,as per your previous email.

But unfortunately, in trying to open-up Roon,…

The program itself is inert ,and doesn’t respond or open at all ,…so it cannot be accessed unfortunately.

It just shows a black box,when I try to open up Roon,…(jpg attached below) with an inert cursor topped by a blue tab with the name roon.

So I’m unable to fully open the program.

I have tried to uninstall Roon,but it does not allow any access,and is totally unresponsive.

I have also downloaded Roon for a fresh install later,…but have been unable to disconnect the Roon core as mentioned,

as you have suggested before attempting to try and reinstall again first.

I run the Roon core program on a Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 64 bit laptop,with a small Seagate 4 terabyte

One touch with absolutely no prior issues of any kind at all.

Is there any other way to break this cycle,to allow for a clean installation?

Any additional suggestions would be much appreciated with my current dilemma.

Kindest Regards,

Thanking -you.

Mr.Frode Measor

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Hey @FrodeM,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out! I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues accessing your Roon account. All you should have to do is log into Roon and access your music.

Are you receiving any error messages when attempting to open and log into your Roon account? If possible, are you able to share a screenshot of what you are seeing when trying to open and run Roon?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply!

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