Latest update broke play/shuffle button

Description of Issue

After the latest update, I can no longer use the Play/Shuffle button for TIDAL playlists. This only seems to affect TIDAL playlists. The button is still there, but pressing it does nothing. I am running a Samsung Galaxy TAB S7 + for remote. I have seen others posting about this same issue on the fb Roon group as well. Is there a workaround, or do we have to wait for the next update for a fix? Thanks

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Thanks, guess I’ll wait for the fix as pressing play on first track doesn’t allow shuffle function to work. Glad to see its being worked!

Hi @Darius,

The workaround for shuffle is to start playback by pressing on the first track and then toggle on shuffle from the queue button in the shuffle controls. We apologize for the inconvenience, a fix is in the works.

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Thanks! I missed that one.

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Hey @Darius, happy to help!


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