Latest update does not get installed "There was an error checking for an update."

My Roon Core (build 936) runs on a Synology NAS, so far no real issues with the exception of artwork not displaying properly, which is to be solved with the latest update of the Core (build 943).

Contrary to the remote app, the update for the Core does not install though. The message “There was an error checking for an update.” appears on the “About” page. Did a re-boot, but this did not help.

Also, when I navigate to Settings / Setup / Find Roon OS, it searches endless, but does not find the Core. I can use Roon as normal though (with the exception of the missing artwork).

Any ideas?

…a reboot of my entire network components (not only the Roon Core/ Synology) did the trick, update installed immediately. All good now :slight_smile:


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