Latest update made my audio zone disappear

I’ve just loaded Roon 1.8 (Build 783) on my iMac and the audio zone for the iMac disappeared. Roon still sees a different zone but not the one on the iMac. I restarted Roon but the problem persisted. This happened to me when 1.8 was first released but one of your updates fixed it. Now the problem is back. Please help.

I had the same issue, I cured it by disconnecting the Spdif connection I use for the Antipodes DX to the preamp, unplugging the DX, reconnecting the Spdif coax cable, plugging in the DX and powering up - and the coax zone reappeared.
For me this only happens with is coax fed zone - other zones always reappear.
Hope this may help you.

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