Lector Digitube S-192


I’m very close to buy one DAC Fromm Lector manufacturer, the model in the title… is there anybody that is already using it and can share experience?
I run Rock in dedicated NUC directly connected to the dac ( at the moment IFI nano BL IDSD)

I’ve done a search in the dedicated thread but no info about Lector

thanks a lot in advance

Have you see this?

In the past year or so Stereophile has reviewed several superbly engineered D/A processors in the Lector’s price class—from Arcam, Auralic, Ayre, Electrocompaniet, Marantz, and Musical Fidelity—as well as less expensive products that measure as well, from Benchmark and NAD. I know that Art Dudley wrote that he can “heartily recommend Lector Strumenti Audio’s Digitube S-192 for the musicality it displayed in my system,” and I have the utmost respect for AD’s listening abilities. However, the Digitube’s truly dreadful measured performance in the digital domain, along with its disappointing showing in the analog domain, rule it out of contention, in my opinion.— John Atkinson

Hi and thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve seen that but I also know that the measured they published were wrong and Lector challenged them, the magazine confirmed to Lector that they will publish a correction which, apparently, is still in the process of being processed

I’m in the idea that sometimes some reviewers publishes b.s… do yourself a big favour, listen it :wink:

Let me share my last experience… I had at home under test the “marvellous” D90 for some days, believe me it is something really far from all the reviewers’ enthusiasm you can read in the last period… hifi world seems to be not as transparent as we could expect

I always do and encourage everyone to audition equipment on their shortlist.

Nonetheless, I’d be sceptical buying a DAC that uses an outdated 17-year old integrated DAC chip that TI don’t recommended using with new designs. I’ve no idea how much the Lector costs now but there are other DACs listed above that work well with Roon and almost certainly outperform it. But the choice is yours alone! :wink:

sorry but… as far as I know they use AKM or Burr Brown :roll_eyes:

MHDT sells its Pagoda DAC with the more than 20-years old PCM1704 chip and has an enthusiastic following and good reviews. I’d really love to listen to one of those DACs.

Burr Brown is Texas Instruments.

At the end I bought a Lector Digicode 704, that one with 4 valves direct output and 4 integrated R-2R named 1704… and it sounds simply amazing! much much much better then the very modern Topping D90 and quite better then a Metrum Amethyst

the dac is connected to headphone ampli via usb-spdif converter, a new unit Lector (not Docet, the Lector interface is a new high performance unit) will push in the market in few month… it has teen recognised without any problem from Rock

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Dear Paolo, I’m going to buy a digitube s192 Lector…
I use Roon rock on dedicated pc and Raspberry pi4 as end point with ropieee… what is yor experience now with Lector Dac?
Am I right to go on with Lector digitube s192…?

Hi Massimo,
sorry I don’t know the S192… I can immagine between the 704 and 192 there will be differences but I also immagine the philosophy in the background of Lector products is always the same… so it will probably be a good sounding product