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Roon Core Machine

Netgear Orbi Router>Trend Network TEG-S80g Switch>Qnap TS251>Nucleus Plus>Linn SelectDSM. All ethernet connected. 131 tracks 11500 albums in Library. Crossfade at 0, tried other settings with same results. I and others, for me started 10/1 have been experiencing extended delays between tracks from any loaded que. Sometimes 3-5 minutes or more. It was a bit machine info (Model, CPU, RAM) [Processing: RoonServer_log.05.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.06.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.07.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.08.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.09.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.10.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.11.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.12.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.13.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.14.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.15.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.16.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.17.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.18.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.19.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.20.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.01.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.02.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.03.txt...]() [Processing: RoonServer_log.04.txt...]()

Any logs to share ? Something must be very wrong here, never heard of this before. So check your Nucleus+ logs (search for tracks before and after you experience delay).

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If you read a bit more on the subject you’ll see others experiencing the same issue

Used Roon for years (on multiple locations); one at home and one setup at work. Even on the messed up local network at the office (used by x thousands of employees) everything is fine.

I experience 0 delay between tracks; if the tracks does not fade out (like live albums); I can not even hear the switch between the tracks. Hence something must be wrong; I guess the logs will give a hint to what.

Hey @Robert_Zinn,

Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know of this - we’re sorry you’re impacted. While there may be others experiencing similar issues, we don’t want to assume the cause is identical for everyone. We’d much rather take a look at each case individually :nerd_face:

Top start off, are there any changes to your setup? And if so, which ones?

Do the delays happen on mutliple zones, or just one? Do they happen if you play to System Output?

Is the behavior happening with local music content, or maybe just TIDAL / Qobuz?

There have been no changes to anything in my system including wires

I am using only 1 zone

The issue happens regardless of zones or output

The issue occurs with local Qobuz and Tidal.

It just started October 1st

Thank You

Thanks for the very prompt reply, @Robert_Zinn.

Have you tried to reboot everything in your system, starting with router + modem all the way to your Nucleus, and then starting them back in that order?

I have not
I was trying to avoid this
Could this be the fault of my ISP?
So far today it has been fine.

Hey @Robert_Zinn,

Thanks for updating your post. It’s great to hear that the issue seems to have gone away :partying_face:

Would you please let us know if and when it returns?

I will
Thank you

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Just an FYI
I had the setting in the library setting of audio analysis set to fast 1 core. As suggested by others I switched it to throttled. I was unaware it affects the speed for switching tracks in the que when streaming, seems to me it does, now tracks switch immediately. For now it seems to be working well.

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