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I understand that Cohen’s songs and composition are performed by a large number of artists, and that he often have a role in albums by other artists.
However, when playing playing Cohen, either as a performer or composer, roon chooses songs where Cohen does not have a role or is credited in any way.

Hi @PerMorten
I can reproduce what your are seeing, I think. This seems like a bug.
Normally, if I do Play Now with an artist and I look at the Queue screen, the bottom of the Roon Radio column says “Playing Artistxxx”.
When I choose Leonard Cohen, that part of the screen says “Now playing music similar to ‘Track’ by Leonard Cohen”. It then continues to play tracks by other artists with songs similar to that seed track by Leonard Cohen, but of no other relationship.
I’d suggest this gets split into a separate post for @support to put eyes on. I can’t move it over there to Support by myself, but Support can.

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I’m seeing some strange behavior too. Going to look at this @PerMorten.

Can you post a screenshot of the queue when you’re in this state? Does it say “Playing Leonard Cohen” ?


Sorry, on mobile I actually need to see the Radio tab – trying to see if you’re “Playing Leonard Cohen” or listening to “Leonard Cohen Radio”.



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Yup, perfect – thanks again

For your info: 1 of 4 times I get the same issue playing David Bowie. Rest of the times roon radio says: playing David Bowie

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