Less Results via search on iPhone

I often had the feeling that I was not getting the right results if I searched Roon via my iPhone.

Then I compared results and my feeling was right. On this example. the PC version shows 3 Ermione albums and the iOS version (searching the same Windows core) only shows 2 albums.

This is obviously not very good. Results have to be the same. So sitting on my sofa, I would not have the possibility to listen to taht 3rd album which was not found.

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Hi @Squeezemenicely,

I checked our internal factor and confirmed that our team has a ticket open about this issue with our development team. I can’t say for sure when a change will be made to address this, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date once we have more information.


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Thanks for the quick reply and looking forward to the fix

It has been a while and search results on iPhone are really bad.
Roon on iPhone finds much !!! less than Roon on PC from my library.

Search not finding stuff is not a small issue.

If you need it, I can give you loads of examples.

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