Let's build a playlist: Cover Songs

(Martin Webster) #21

Originally penned for_Darkness_ but didn’t make the cut. I believe the song is credited to Springsteen and Smith.

(Chris ) #22

You will struggle to hear a better cover of this.

It’s on Tidal Masters.


Cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic from Rumours.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #24

Hand in Glove, 1983-The Smiths, covered by the Wedding Present

(Dick Vliek) #25

Desireless cover

(Martin Webster) #26

Shelter from the Storm performed by Cassandra Wilson (Belly of the Sun)… Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks)

TIDAL and Qobuz


(Chris Garrison) #28

There are so many! It’s one of my favorite genres. But I LOVE Deva Mahal’s cover of the song her dad covered on Giant Step.

(Johan Coorg) #29

Frank Sinatra Yesterday - better than the original Beatles RoonShareImage-636898719907245320


Most anyone covering a Beatles track is an improvement on the original. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ged) #31

Don’t agree with that and that Yesterday cover is especially dreadful.

(Ken Lesniak) #32

From the “How I Go” album.

Hard choice to make. Have a bunch of Beatles covers. And a bunch of Hendrix covers as well.

(Steven Kramer) #33

I’d say pretty much anything from Tierney’s covers of Joni Mitchell, but especially “Little Green” and “April in Paris - Free Man in Paris”

Also, her album “The Sting Variations.”


Minimalist cutdown version of AC/DCs Rock n’ Roll singer.

(Anthony Harmon) #35


The Gibson Brothers, covering REM’s Everybody Hurts.

(Craig Colthorp) #37

Fantastic live cover of one of my favorite Neil Young songs by one of my favorite bands:


(Ged) #38

Can’t find this on Tidal, pity I love Cortez.

(Craig Colthorp) #39

Hmm interesting - must not be available in UK. It’s on Tidal in US.

(David W) #40

Beware of Darkness Leon Russel cover of George Harrison song

Also most of Patti Smith’s album Twelve (including are you experienced, soul kitchen, smells like a teen spirit, pastime paradise)