Let's build a playlist: Cover Songs

(Chris ) #41

If I could add another, perhaps this…

Feel free to ban me for breaking the rules…

(John B) #42

Here’s one we made earlier…



Given her sad back story, this version of the Gil Scott-Heron original is almost unbearable to listen to. Everyone involved is from the top drawer, with the strings - arranged by Don Sebesky - and the bass playing of Gordon Edwards, being especially fine.

“Home is where I live inside my white powder dreams
Home was once an empty vacuum that’s filled now with my silent screams”


(Tom McAtee) #44

Hurt by Johnny Cash - awesome song.
My suggestion is Stairway to Heaven by Heart Live at Kennedy Centre

(Daniel Beyer) #45

Or this cover, ftw

(Kim ) #47

(Dirk De Taey) #48

As well at Qobuz in real 96kHz/24bit resolution

(Mark Ebanks) #49

Jimi Hendrix cover of Bob Dylan’s All “Along the Watchtower”.

(Kent Adamson) #50

Yes - America

(Rolf Engelsman) #51

Dancing Barefoot, U2. Original song by Patti Smith

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #52

Deftones- Drive


Chromatics cover Bruce Springsteen — I’m On Fire

(Dan Brown) #54

(Dave Nichols) #55

Thunder Road
covered by Hayward Williams
album: another sailor’s dream

(Paul) #56

Jolene by The Sisters of Mercy.
Never forget the first time I heard this one.

(Steven Beckhardt) #57

Ring of Fire - Social DIstortion

(Don Ivey) #58

“Tear Stained Letter” on one of Richard Thompson’s albums.

(Richard Miller) #59

(Ged) #60

(Anton Zuev) #61

“Coldcut — more beats & pieces”
My favorite song ever… it reflects the whole music, ultimate thing :ok_hand:t6: