Letters not readable in 1.3

Hi, on Feb 4 after the successful installation of new version 1.3 upgrade, all fonts inside the application are not readable and look distorted. Everything in my Win7 PC, 4GB, i3 Intel works fine, even the ROOM welcome splash screen is good as usual. The records artwork in the app are displayed correctly too but all text is blurred & distorted.

I have uninstalled the app, including the configuration database, rebooted and reinstalled several times. Things look OK initially and the library starts to populate with my library (over 100k songs) in an external drive, but some time later (minutes or few hours) the app just crashes (disappears) and when I reload it the problem shows again.

I repeated this process all week and it just repeats. I even received a system message during ROOM loading about a database fix or something like that. It was completed, but after some minutes the app disappears, which looks like an app crash to me, then I reload Room and the problem shows again after the splash screen hides and the app appears.

Just fonts are affected. I’m sending Kevin 2 screenshots that show the fonts distortion problem. Help is appreciated.

This points to running out of video memory… what else are you running on the Windows machine and do you have newest drivers? How old is that i3 (I’m guessing you are using the i3’s built in GPU)?

Thanks Danny for your reply, below the responses with the installation information:

  • No other app is running at the sametime on the PC, not even browsing. Just the options set in msconfig for Startup: AV, Firewall, Intel and RealTek Audio, Roon and Wireless.

  • i3 Processor: Quadcore 530 @ 2.93 GHz about 5 years old.

  • Yes using the integrated GPU. Just for benchmark, but same installation with version 1.2 was running without hicups. I have installed Roon 1.3 build 200.

In the meantime, to continue enjoying Roon service, I’m controlling from a 7" tablet, but not the same joy as the 55" Samsung.

I haven’t found a way to send screenshots to facilitate the understanding of the problem. Is there a way to do so?