LG Soundbar doesn't work in Roon

Hi folks, I noticed this today on my own setup too - but only for ONE chromecast device. Interestingly, I am using an Orbi router too.

SYMPTOMS: Added my new LG soundbar to Roon as a new chromecast endpoint. Music will start for one song, but then never proceed to the next track. Checking Roon remote, shows the track is stuck at 0:00, never initializes. I can sometimes change tracks and scrub the song to get it to click in, exactly like Kenneth’s symptoms. I can switch the audio to a new chromecast device/ “zone” and audio immediately begins playing. I have NOT tried switching the sync delay, but have switched every other option for the LG soundbar zone in Roon; nothing worked.


  • LG SL9YG (supports chromecast) soundbar, connected to Wifi
  • Chromecast Audio (no issues broadcasting audio ever, connected to Wifi)
  • Google Nest Home Mini (no issues broadcasting audio ever, connected to Wifi)\
  • Orbi wifi (all devices connected to the core router, not satellites. I have unchecked the “disable IGMP proxying” option on the router)
  • Roon core (Win 10, build 610) connected to a satellite using Ethernet)

This is odd that both of us have the same behavior. But for me, only ONE chromecast device has issues, 2 others play just fine!

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