Liberty DAC - question about AES/EBU input

I just bought a Mytek Liberty DAC. In the manual, it says

  1. AES/EBU Input. Professional digital input which accepts up to 192kHz/24bit. Accepts DSD DOP standard input. This input can also be used to transmit digital audio into computer via USB2 connection.

That last part – does that mean the input can also act as an output, given an appropriate AES/USB cable?

There should be a separate Output XLR for that. The interface is not bidirectional - but why would a DAC have a digital output?

That manual does not make sense anyway. AES/EBU and USB interfaces are not electrically compatible, you need a converter interface box.

Yeah, I think that must be a typo. Or perhaps the input to the AES/EBU connection can be echoed to the USB port on the Liberty.

Who knows, ask Mytek. The rear panel only has digital inputs and analog output connectors according to the labelling and layout. The question of why would a DAC need a digital output still remains.