Library access issues on Mac

I am trying to run Roon direct off a little Linux based computer and my external HD is attached to an Airport Extreme. I try try to type in the pathway (smb:// and get an error message

“Error connecting to network share 68”

What the hell is that?

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Is there a wireless hop between the external hard drive and the linux Roon Server?

Hi Daniel. I have one Apple Extreme running the network and a second one acting as an extender in my music room. This is what the ED is linked to…

Hmm. The first thing I would do is verify that everything is on the same sub-net. aka 192.168.0.x. Roon does not work across subnets.

However, I would just connect the external hard drive directly to the Roon Server. With Roon, when you initiate a song to be played, the music file is first sent to the server and then from the server to the DAC. This can add a lot of traffic and potential lag depending on your network; it is so much easier if the music is local to the Roon Server.

Hi again. Unfortunately the computer running RS does not have USB in…

I will check the subnet thing. Thank u.