Library Analysis

Core Machine
Mac OS X 10.15.2. iMac Pro. Roon 1.7 Build 511
WiFi. Apple TimeCapsule 2TB router. Internet Spectrum 5-10 MBps

Audio Devices
Oppo UDP 205D, B&W Zeppelin Wireless (AirPlay)

Description of Issue
Library Audio Analysis status / progress not found

I recently upgraded my hard drive for my music library: Glyph 2TB SSD USB-C external drive.

Library successfully recognized by Roon. However, I am unable to find the progress / status of my Library’s Audio Analysis.
I have Background Audio Analysis speed and On-Demand Audio Analysis speed set to Fast 8 Core for both.

Do you have a little spinning icon on the top right of your screen? If so, that shows Roon is working and tapping/clicking on that will bring up a message showing what it is doing.

Alternatively, Setting > Setup will have a spinning icon and status in the background audio analysis speed if it is still analysing.

Otherwise, it’s all done.

Did you migrate according to This KB article? If so, I believe new audio analysis should be minimal.

Thank you. Yes, I realize it’s all done (went much faster than anticipated). Thanks!

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